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The mention of the Great Himalayan National Park in Tirthan Valley adds an exciting dimension to the region's appeal. The diverse wildlife, including brown bears, musk deer, thar, goral, snow leopards, bharal, monal, koklas, tragopan, tahr, and blue sheep, offers a thrilling experience for adventurous travelers and wildlife enthusiasts. The opportunity to spot these rare and majestic species in their natural habitat is a remarkable adventure, making Tirthan Valley a haven for nature lovers.

Moreover, the park's rich avian life, with over 180 species of birds, adds to the allure of the region. Birdwatchers and ornithologists can indulge in observing a variety of bird species, appreciating the natural diversity that Tirthan Valley has to offer.

In the context of Ausnya Hotel, this natural treasure trove becomes an integral part of the guest experience. Visitors not only enjoy the luxurious accommodations and the opportunity to explore local orchards but also have easy access to the wonders of the Great Himalayan National Park. The hotel can offer guided tours, wildlife safaris, and birdwatching expeditions, enhancing the overall stay and allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region.