What is ITSM ( IT Service Management )?

ITSM involves all the activities and procedures that are meant for creating, designing, delivering and supporting IT services. The core concept on which ITSM is based is that Information Technology should be delivered as a service. For example, in a simple ITSM scenario, there might be a need for new hardware like a laptop. For this, the person has to fill a form via an online portal and submit a ticket containing all the related details. This starts a repeatable workflow and the ticket would eventually reach the IT team. Now, this request is in the queue, thus the technical executives will
sort them accordingly and resolve them as per their priority preference. The most common perception of ITSM amongst the IT users is simply ‘IT Support’, but it goes way beyond just resolving IT issues. if we consider the best approach to ITSM, then it involves the following steps in the exact order:

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