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Make your Children FUTURE-READY with DIYA

Animation is more than just a course. It's the perfect getaway for your children to bring their fascination imaginations and dreams into reality. With DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy), your children... Read More

Time to learn an interesting fact about Robots!!!

#DidYouKnow that although Robots have been around for quite some time now and we are very well accustomed to movies such as the Terminator, the first robots were infact mechanical... Read More

Teaching Your Child To Take Initiative

Ai courses online The ability to take the first step is one that some adults have to acquire much later in life. However, helping your child cultivate that ability will... Read More

Game design weekend workshop – Ai courses online

Is your child curious about how video games are made? Here's their chance to glance behind the curtain with DIYA's 2-day weekend program in Game Design. Sign up and you'll... Read More

And They'll make an AI that can identify you! – Ai courses online

Here's an opportunity for your child to gain exposure to the field of Artificial Intelligence, a field that is quickly gaining ground and has a promising future. Sign them up... Read More


Artificial Intelligence is the holy grail that all programmers and software engineers are working towards. Let your child unleash their potential at our One-Day workshop for AI. In just one... Read More

Best online coding courses & Robotics classes for kids education

The ability to take charge and start projects is a valuable one that is needed in all forms of industry and endeavours. It's just not something you can teach....or is... Read More

Electro-Tinkering together a testament to childhood unity – Ai courses online

Watch Ananiya, Aariyan, and Aarav try to complete their own test by making the loop pass over the wire without touching here - https://youtu.be/vfNOqp_aGTA Three brilliant young minds have come... Read More

Equip your child with the skill of the future! – Ai courses online

Robotics and coding are the future. And we will soon step into a world where our children are the ones who will be creating them. Give your child a head... Read More

2-Day Artificial Intelligence Workshop | Diya Robotics India

Could your child be a natural at Machine Learning? Give them 2 days at our Holiday program and they'll come back with an AI that they've made! This is a... Read More