As a longstanding partner of the agriculture industry, Karlka FenceWright has provided high-quality stock and rural fencing throughout the country. We design and install fencing products from our Brisbane depot that meet the specific needs of farmers across the states.

Also known as farm fencing, stock and rural fencing is made to protect agricultural land with low maintenance, keeping intruders and unwanted wildlife out.

Most state governments require landholders to install boundary fencing to delineate the land, and it can also be used to separate equipment and vehicles or grazing areas. The Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team can design stock and rural fencing that makes stock proofing quick and painless, as well as protecting and demarking property boundaries.

For cattle, fencing can be topped with plain or barbed wire or electrified, to keep stock in their designated areas and prevent them from escaping to highly trafficked roads.

Farm and rural fencing come in a range of prefabricated sizes and designs to suit a variety of agricultural applications, including containing livestock or keeping feral wildlife at bay.

Our Brisbane team works with Australian manufacturers and suppliers to supply stock fencing made from the finest quality materials, and we can tailor a design to meet your specific needs.

We can also supply and install homestead heritage timber fencing, a popular choice due to its strength and attractive aesthetic. Heritage fencing is often paired with farm or chain wire fencing in rural and conservation areas where appearance is a priority, such as roadside or feature fencing around homesteads.