Rehab For Autism- Speech Therapy Center In Patna

Your child's voice with Rehab For Autism and ADHD the most reputable location in Speech Therapy in Patna. Under the expert direction by the renowned Dr. Kapil Dev, our skilled team is focused on fostering communication skills of children with Autism, ADHD and Down's Syndrome and cerebral palsy as well as other particular needs. Through individual therapy sessions, cutting-edge techniques like oral placement therapy and strategies for early intervention to help your child to communicate confidently. Our approach to therapy is not just addresses the need for speech and language development but also helps build meaningful connections and a lifetime of confidence. With more than eight years of experience Prof. Dr. Kapil Dev and his team are dedicated to bringing transformational change that allows children to flourish and be integrated seamlessly into mainstream. Learn about the benefits that is Speech Therapy tailored to your child's individual needs in Rehab For Autism and ADHD.