Re ridging maintenance – Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd

Welcome to the realm of timeless craftsmanship and traditional expertise with Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd. As masters in the art of thatching, we bring a unique touch to roofing solutions, specializing in the installation and maintenance of Longstraw, Wheat Reed, and Water Reed thatch.

Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd is not just a thatching company; we are custodians of an ancient craft, committed to preserving the heritage of thatched roofing. With a legacy of skilled workmanship, we take pride in offering bespoke thatching solutions that marry the charm of tradition with the practicality of modern roofing needs.

Longstraw thatching, with its rustic appeal, is one of our specialties. Our skilled thatchers meticulously handcraft Longstraw thatch, creating roofs that not only evoke a sense of history but also stand resilient against the test of time. Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd takes a personalized approach to Longstraw thatching, ensuring each roof is a unique piece of art that complements the character of the structure.

Wheat Reed thatching is another hallmark of our expertise. Known for its durability and classic aesthetic, Wheat Reed thatch is expertly installed by our team of seasoned thatchers. Whether it's a restoration project or a new build, Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd is dedicated to delivering Wheat Reed thatch roofs that embody both strength and elegance.

Water Reed thatching, with its sleek and sophisticated appearance, is a testament to our commitment to diverse thatching styles. Our skilled artisans meticulously weave Water Reed thatch, creating roofs that exude refinement and withstand the elements. Jeff Helme Thatching Services Ltd ensures that Water Reed thatch roofs not only enhance the visual appeal of a structure but also provide robust protection.