Outsourced Vs. Inhouse CTO What’s The Best Choice?

The importance of innovation for modern-day companies is indisputable. The business environments are evolving, and all methods of operation are being updated.

But can you afford to spend your revenue on technology that may fail to drive the business goals? The answer is “no.”

To implement new technologies, a company needs a larger talent pool, a scalable infrastructure, and a strategy for continuous improvement. Otherwise, the spending will be a waste, and technologies will bring no expected results. This is why you need a CTO for your company.

A Chief Technology Officer or a CTO plays a critical role in a business. A CTO is a C-level executive accountable for all technology in the company, from hardware to software to teams and vendors. You can also opt to go for a Virtual CTO.

A Virtual CTO has similar roles and responsibilities. While a full-time CTO makes a full-time commitment to the company, a virtual CTO could be available as a consultant and be part-time or full-time. A Virtual CTO tenure may be defined by focused time-bound goals as well.

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