Is it worth coming to an appointment if I have no results?

"Why should I come to another appointment when nothing has changed on the scale?" – is a very common thought that appears in our heads. The lack of visible changes discourages us because we do not see our effectiveness. It is not uncommon that we observe this effect, but… it does not satisfy us. Because we would like to be more and more efficiently.
It's a bit like coming to the appointments just to show off the effect. I understand that this may result, for example, from previous experiences, when the dietitian exerted pressure or insisted that nothing has changed. As people, we also need to show ourselves from the "better" side – in which we present our successes, not stumbles (I do not use the word "failure" on purpose). But how does this relate to working with a dietitian?
❗️ The truth is, if nothing changes, we should come all the more! Maybe it is worth awakening the motivation together? Specify the goal? Can it modify the activities to those that will be possible for us to implement? It is not always the case that the weight loss process is linear. Each of us is different, has different problems, everyday life and different experiences that have an impact on our weight loss process, so each of us may require different tools. By wanting to come only when we have an effect, we close our way to actually getting help.
However, remember that change is a process. Sometimes it goes downhill. And when it goes uphill, it does not mean that changes do not take place, but we simply may not notice them. And together it is always easier to find what is going well and which will allow us to survive a downtime or a crisis 💚
And how does a situation in which you see no effect affect you? Does it demotivate you or does it mobilize your search for solutions? 🙂
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