Har ki dun/doon trek himalya shelter

Harki Dun Trek is a famous trek located in the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Here are some highlights from the walk.

– **Location**: This trek is in Govinda Wildlife Sanctuary in Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

– **Altitude**: The highest point of the trek is Har Ki Dun, at 3,566 meters (11,693 feet) above sea level.

– **Duration**: The trip usually takes about 7-8 days to complete, with a total distance of about 50-60 km (31-37 miles).

– **Difficulty**: The walk is considered to be of moderate difficulty, suitable for beginners and experts. This sequence includes ascents and descents with some steep sections.

– **Best time to visit**: The best time to take Haraki Dun is May-June and September-November. The weather is good during these months with clear skies and mild temperatures.

– **Starting Point**: It usually starts from Sankari village, which is the base camp for several treks in this area.

– **Route**: This route passes through dense pine, oak and rhododendron forests, picturesque villages of Taluka, Osla, Seema among others, and offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountains

– **Permit**: Trekkers must obtain a permit from the forest department, as the trek passes through Govinda Wildlife Sanctuary.

– **Accommodation**: Accommodation options for the trip include hotels, tents and camping. Hikers often carry their own camping gear or choose guided tours that offer campsites.

– **Highlights The main attractions of Har Ki Dun Trek are the breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views of snow