Explore the Serenity of a Private Island in North Goa

Discover the essence of laid-back Goan life on a private island in North Goa, where tranquility reigns supreme and the stresses of urban living are left far behind. Begin your journey with a scenic boat ride to the island, soaking in breathtaking coastal vistas and immersing yourself in the beauty of the Chapora River.

Once on the island, enjoy a variety of fun activities and games, providing the perfect respite from the Goan heat. Surrounded by the river, you'll find endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

As the sun sets, embark on a kayaking adventure through the serene backwaters of the Chapora River. Paddle your way through lush mangroves and picturesque landscapes for a kayaking experience like no other!

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This unforgettable experience promises a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and natural beauty. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore one of Goa's hidden gems!