Benefits and Drawbacks of EHR | MindBowser

Technology advancement, like Electronic Health Records, has changed the conventional direction of the healthcare industry. Previously, medical data was 100% paper-based documents.

In fact, the paper documents the environment of healthcare due to the limited accessibility, lack of acceptance, inability to manage files remotely, and the cost of large data storage. By adopting EHRs, healthcare service providers have organized and accessible health records. Also, they’re supported by various practice improvement tools like computerized prescribing & ordering tools, to deliver more efficient and secure patient care.

After the introduction of Electronic Health Records, doctors and physicians explore all the significant aspects of EHR use, and they recognized, that there have been some challenges also. And it’s essential to understand both sides of the EHR solution.

In this article, we would like to discuss the benefits of EHR and we will also cover the disadvantages of EHR.
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