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In the transportation industry, Scania is a major player. Scania is working with its partners and customers to speed up the transition to a more environmentally friendly transportation system. As... Read More

Jeep has shown off a new version of its Magneto 2.0 electric car concept. It shows off what the iconic Jeep off-roader could look like as a fully electric car.... Read More

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Opel is expanding the range of the recently announced electric Rocks-e with a micro-commercial vehicle variant. The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO is only 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide, and... Read More

New Peugeot 308's striking appearance and superior craftsmanship impressed the worldwide jury: First model to bear the lion brand's new coat of arms, it won the Red Dot Award. Peugeot... Read More

The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo was unveiled at the world premiere in Hamburg, Germany, and is Europe's premier all-purpose commercial and passenger car. The new Bulli... Read More

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is the only vehicle in its class to have the Integrated Braking System (IBS). The electromechanical system combines the functions of the electronic stability control... Read More

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